Dear Brown Girls...

Time to focus on YOU.

I're busy, and the world is crazy! BUT...

Creating a Vision Board is a simple and fun activity.

When you build a vision board with others, you can feed off each other's ideas and positive energy.

A vision board is a concrete representation of your desires and aspirations for a compelling life. They are fun to create and can serve as an invaluable tool to motivate and inspire you towards concrete daily action in pursuit of your biggest and most important life goals.

The Zoom link for the event will be sent on December 1st to all registered participants along with a few prep activities to get you prepared for the creating your vision and a few other cool things.

You'll also have an opportunity to win some of Cozzie's Favorite Things! Yes, I'm pulling a page from Oprah's life. HA!!!! 


There will be gifts and prizes. The first 5 registered participants have an opportunity to win a special gift that will be drawn at the event.  Those who "bring" a friend will also be entered into this LIVE prize drawing. Fun. Fun. Fun.

See you there, Sis! 


If you register by November 27, you'll receive a special thank you from Cozzie in the mail. Thus, I am collecting addresses for this purpose and will delete after. 

Dec5Vision Board .png